Daily Devotional!

Never Forgotten

Read Isaiah 40:1 through 41:29; Ephesians 3:1–21

Why do you complain, Jacob? Why do you say, Israel, “My way is hidden from the Lord; my cause is disregarded by my God”? (Isaiah 40:27).

The world is full of people facing difficult situations. Miscarriage, divorce, poverty, natural disasters, school violence, persecution, credit card debt, cancer, teen pregnancy, hunger, attempted suicide—the list goes on and on. When trials come, whether by chance or through people’s poor choices, it can be difficult to trust God. Yet regardless of what people face, the Word of God promises that God sits on the throne of heaven, and He knows what is happening in His world.

Israel was oppressed and suffering because of its failure to follow God’s Law. Yet when they cried out to Him in repentance, it seemed to them as though He was not listening. But their way was not hidden from God. He had not disregarded them or forgotten them.

And He has not disregarded or forgotten you either. No matter what you are facing, no matter how silent God seems, He is looking after you and He loves you. You are not forgotten. You can be sure of that.

Thought for Today: God still reigns.

Quicklook: Isaiah 40:25–31

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