Daily Devotional!

Ageless Wisdom

Read Job 32:1 through 33:33; Acts 8:1–25

Joe is a twenty-two-year-old pastor. He runs a youth center and leads a youth group in a rural oil-field town in eastern Montana. His dreams are big, but his budget isn’t.

When the youth fireworks booth had the most profitable year ever, he was offered the opportunity to run the taco stand at the county fair. The amount raised was more than twice his annual budget.

Instead of going on a youth-related spending spree, Joe asked his leadership if he could donate a portion of the funds to the church’s children’s ministries and to a local missions project the church had undertaken. He wanted to invest in others’ God-inspired dreams. Foolish kid or wise young man? His actions revealed a heart of godly wisdom.

“It is not only the old who are wise,
not only the aged who understand what is right” (Job 32:9).

Age is not a barrier to wisdom. In his epistle, James said that God will give wisdom to those who ask for it.

Whether you face a difficult situation or a wonderful opportunity, it is always best to ask God for wisdom before taking action. And then you, too, can understand what is right.

Thought for Today: Wisdom isn’t age dependent, it’s God dependent.

Quicklook: Job 32:1–12

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